Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend 2/6-2/8

Friday Night:

Gustl decided that this weekend was going to be a celebration of me sending off my grad school applications (even though it was a couple weeks ago, but whatever:)). We drove down to Ocean City Friday night to have dinner at Carrabba's-- one of my FAVORITE restaurants. I'm always torn between being "good" and indulging. I decided to lean toward moderation of what I really wanted. We started off with their AMAZING bread and dipping oil (3 pieces, not pictured). Then we each got a side Caesar salad.

I had the Rigatoni Martino and ate half of it. The portions are so huge there! It's really easy to get carried away. But their pasta is something not to be passed up.

The last 2 pictures were taken with my camera phone because we were seated by people that we knew and I felt kind of weird about taking pics of my food. I felt very stealthy.


Spent the night at my parents' house (weird that it's not really my house anymore). For breakfast I had Special K Red Berries with skim and some cantaloupe (about 1/2 of what's in the photo).

Lunch was my Carrabba's leftovers (which is always just as good the next day).

We had planned to go ice skating at the Carousel hotel uptown, but it was crowded with small children and much smaller than we remembered (shows how long since I've been skating!). Instead we walked around outside for a while because it was so beautiful this weekend!

We stopped by Starbuck's and I wanted to try out the new tea lattes. I got the Vanilla Rooibos with soy, inspired by Tina at Carrots 'n' Cake. It was really good, but different than I expected. I was glad that it was caffeine-free and it had really subtle flavors of vanilla and spice. Definitely not strong like a chai, though. Good alternative to a standard latte.

For dinner, we had been planning on going to Captain's Galley. They have the BEST crab cakes in the WORLD. I have had a lot of crab cakes, and these are the golden standard that I measure all others up against. They are rockin. Unfortunately, they're closed until March, so we went next door to Harborside. I love it there. It's so local yokel. I didn't get an Orange Crush or dessert because I thought we were going out to the bar, but they looked awesome. We got crab cake sandwiches with fries. I like that they give us pepperoncinis and pickles on the side.

At home I had a small Wheat germ Oatmeal Raisin cookie that my mom made.

We didn't end up going to the bar, so I'll have to make sure I get an Orange Crush sometime in the near future.


Breakfast was Kashi GoLean with 1% and banana.

We watched a few episodes of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (new favorite show) and headed out to the zoo to walk around. I had a serving of Trader Joe's Macadamias mix Gingerly with Cranberries & Almonds Trek Mix (exactly what it sounds like). Well, I had what Gustl didn't eat out of my hand :)

Lunch was at Ruby Tuesday's. I had the White Bean Chicken Chili (not so great) with salad bar (Veggies, craisins, balsamic vinegarette, apple salad).

I had to travel back to College Park tonight. I got some mango from Wawa on the road and had the SmartOnes Cranberry Turkey Medallions frozen dinner for dinner. It was pretty standard for a frozen meal. The cranberries were kind of overwhelming and the side veggies were kind of bland. But it was pretty healthy in calorie/fat terms and there aren't TOO many artificial ingredients.

We eat out a lot. I want to be healthier about it, and I think that I've gotten better in the past few months. I also want to work on eating more slowly and savoring my food.

Wow, recapping the weekend was a little lengthier than I thought. Nice to reflect, though :) Hopefully this week is as good as the weekend was!

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