Monday, February 23, 2009


Amazingly I DID get a lot done tonight. Laundry, assignments, cooking, and best of all: RELAXING! I've been reading and listening to music and I feel so much better than I did earlier. Hopefully the caffeine stuff is over, or at least easier, tomorrow.

I was so hungry when I got home! It's that late class that always gets me! I decided to finish off the rest of this plank of tofu. I used the bella eats method again, just used apricot preserves instead of honey. Didn't really make a difference, but I always like to experiment.

Along with the tofu were assorted veggies and Kashi rice. This was amazingly good. I'll say it again: best way to make tofu, EVER. Just look at the tofu beauty:

After some work/lounging I made a snack of Quaker Mini Delights (chocolate) that I had received as a sample, with 1 T. almond butter and 2 figs.

I was hungry a lot today. I'm thinking it might have been because of the smaller amount of oatmeal this morning. Well, we'll see to that in the a.m.! Hoping for nicer weather! G'night!

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