Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brasserie 10 South, Downtown

What happened to this place? You can tell from the interwebs that it must have been pretty darn good at some point, but they lost a chef, succumbed to bad location, and just flat out started failing.

I think it should say a lot that I have momentarily come out of blogging hibernation just to review Brasserie 10 South.  I was really excited to try this place and I had been holding on to the Groupon for a while.  The menu looks fantastic; a plethora of southern dishes jump out from the page.  I decided that I wanted to get the shrimp and grits before we even left.  But we were not met with that menu.  We were met with a lunch menu (at 7pm) that had 3 appetizers, a couple of salads, and about 5 sandwiches.  I asked the server if we got the wrong menu.  Nope.  We could see that some entrees (like the shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles) are offered as specials on some nights. 

So how was the food?  I enjoyed the Doritos that my boyfriend picked up after we left a lot more.  I got a chicken caesar wrap that was dry and bland.  G got a burger that was bloody rare inside, even though he wasn't asked how he wanted it cooked.  This may have been the first time in our relationship that I saw him leave a burger unfinished.  A very sad day.

I'll also note that the atmosphere is weird.  It's pretty big inside, and sort of reminded me of being in my grandparents' basement; a little too glitzy and looked like it could hold a huge party, but there were only 2 other tables there.  Super uncomfortable.

So what's up with this place? Has anyone had a different experience with them?

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