Monday, February 16, 2009

Productivity wins!

This has been quite a productive evening for me. Wrote part of a paper, did some little assignments for class tomorrow, laundry, foooood, packed up for tomorrow. I feel good :)

Speaking of my assignments, I wanted to pass along some info for all the health-conscious bloggers. I just read this article in the Washington Post about the risks of getting injections. Basically, make sure that if you receive an injection, they give you an entirely new vial, not just change the needle on the vial!

Anyways, the food! Before heading off to class I ate the other half of my banana, some almond butter and 2 figs. I seriously am obsessed with the almond butter.

For dinner I decided to try to make baked tofu a la Kath Eats. I sliced up my tofu and rubbed on some syrup, then dredged it in flaked coconut. Baked it for about 20 min on 425 degrees. Not too pretty, but tasty! I also made a dipping sauce out of honey, ketchup, and red pepper flakes. Simple, but yummy!

I also had half of a yellow sweet potato with Smart Balance. Except I did not realize that I had gotten a yellow one, nor do I think I've EVER eaten or seen a yellow one. So, I was pretty confused when I cut into that baby.

My customary evening cocoa.

Delved into the box o' chocolates, too. I had the white chocolate hazelnut one, "Cologne". Divine.

Now's the time for winding down. Good night!

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  1. Love figs with Almond butter! Love cocoa in the evening, very soothing!