Monday, February 16, 2009

Case of the Mondays.

I think that almond butter is my new obsession. Something about it is just mmmmm.

Getting ready for my least favorite classes of the week. Usually I don't have a problem with Mondays, but this semester is a kind of a drag. Any one else have a case of the mondays? (Points for knowing the reference :))

My beautiful bowl of oats this morning consisted of 1/2 banana, brown sugar, cinnamon, golden berry mix (TJ's), walnuts, and almond butter.

I need to get my workout motivation up. I guess that's the good thing about getting on a routine-- I don't even think about working out as an option, it's what I have to do.

Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday- your oats look like the kind I would truly enjoy!!!
    I hope you get your motivation up for the gym :)

  2. I did, thanks! And I'm glad, because the workout high will totally carry through the rest of the day!