Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woodberry Kitchen

We went to Woodberry Kitchen for pre-Valentine’s Day dinner last Friday.  I was so excited to get to this restaurant because I had read really great things about it.  It was rated as one of the best new restaurants by Bon Appetit!  The building was really cool and gave the whole experience a rustic feel.  The waitresses were all dressed like they stepped out of Anthropologie and were adorable.  We made a 7pm reservation and were seated as soon as we got in (I would definitely recommend making reservations).

To start, we got a flatbread that had cheese and cracked pepper on it (sorry, I’m blanking on what it was called) and deviled eggs.  The eggs weren’t as great as I expected, especially since they were on the Baltimore 100 list.  The flatbread was good and had some interesting textures.

For dinner, I got the Brick Oven Chicken n’ Biscuit, which came with carrots and kale.  The main dish was really good.  I was really impressed with the maple pan sauce and how well those flavors melded together.  I thought that the veggies were a little over-seasoned, but still good.  G got a baked rigatoni and meatballs dish, which I thought was amazing.  The meatballs were so delicious!

For dessert, we split the CMP and the apple pie sundae.  The CMP was one of the things that I was majorly looking forward to because my mom had told me she saw it on The Best Thing I Ever Ate as Chef Duff’s favorite.  It had malt ice cream, chocolate syrup, marshmallow fluff (too much of it) and wet peanuts.  There was a candy shell on top that you had to break through.  And it was nowhere near the best sundae I’ve ever eaten.  Maybe I’m partial because I worked in a sundae shop for five years, but it just wasn’t that great.  The apple pie sundae, with cider sorbet, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon streusel, and caramel sauce was far better.  I’m not sure what Chef Duff was thinking.

At the end of our meal, we got homemade peanut butter marshmallows and brandy gumdrops, which were interesting.  All in all, it was a good meal, but I’m not sure if it was worth the price.  A nice and fun place to go, but not going on my list of favorites.

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