Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grillin' and bakin'.

Once again, I think that I was pretty productive today. I am amazing myself at how focused I've been, but still giving myself time to do things that I enjoy :)

Like I said, I REALLY wanted to try out the Griddler tonight. Unfortunately, I don't really have any grillables. I settled for making the pan-fried tofu and grilling some zucchini to throw in.

I served it on top of the Thai Pilaf from TJ's which was made with lime and coconut milk. Yum. This dish had so many fun flavors in it. I love the spiciness and the lime together :)

Also served with TJ's Naan, from the frozen section, with some Smart Balance. Also: yummm.

After dinner I needed a little chocolate boost, and I really didn't drink much of my cocoa earlier so I got into a few dark chocolate kisses.

But here comes the best part. In an attempt to win over my oven after my failed AB, I decided to attempt making cupcakes based on this recipe. I used Dark Chocolate Dreams instead of Nutella, though.

Here's the batter. It was more like a muffin or quick bread:

Batter topped with PB:

Swirled it in:

20 minutes later:

Annnd of course I ate one :) Here's what it looks like inside:

Very good. I feel kinda guilty, like I canceled out my good workout that I had earlier, but I need to just be ok with it and realize that my HC buds are going to be some happy campers when I show up with these bad boys.

Alrighty, time to wind down. If I don't I'll be wired all night!

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