Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bore fest.

The weather has been getting more and more nice out! It's sunny and all of the trees are starting to bloom. I LOVE spring!! Can't wait for the Cherry Blossom Festival :)

I packed my lunch/snacks to take with me to class. The sad thing about my final semester at UMD is that I have really bad professors right now. All of them. Bad. Also, now that I got into grad school and my GPA is secure I don't really care as much about these classes. That's probably not the best attitude to have, but it's true. Soooo, I occupy myself with eating and thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner and crossword puzzles.

Speaking of eating; I packed some edamame (very interesting to eat in class), Kashi 7 grain crackers, an apple, and an Apple Pie Lara Bar (one of my favorites now!).

My yoga class was kind of canceled today so that we could work on our little midterm projects (lame) so I did 30 minutes of Hip Opening Flow #2 on my own. Post yoga eats was a Peach Chobani with a little bit of Ambrosia Blend trail mix on top for texture.

I think that tonight's dinner is going to incorporate portobello mushrooms and tofu... we'll see :)


  1. This post definitely reminds me of Maryland!! I miss spring in DC! I loved going to check out the Cherry Blossoms and walking around by the Jefferson Memorial.

    I remember doing the Diamondback crossword puzzles during class...especially if I had professors that would put me to sleep. I wonder if we have any of the same?

  2. Haha glad someone in blogland can appreciate Maryland for its greatness :)

    I'm taking mostly public health classes this semester in order to finish out my minor. Not sure if pre-nursing/nursing students have to take those or not.