Sunday, March 1, 2009

No snow?

Where's this snow? All of the news and weather agencies are going nuts, but not much has been happening (I am partially saying this in hopes that it starts blizzarding any minute to spite me).

I do believe that I finished all of my chores for the weekend! Yay! I love feeling set and ready for the week. Besides that, I got some good eats in tonight :)

I tried a recipe that I hadn't made in about a year: Tofu Parmigiana. It's really simple and delicious! I had sort of forgotten about it and then remembered during my hunt for tofu recipes.

I also made roasted brussels sprouts a la Carrots n' Cake.

These were so good. Confession: I had never had brussels sprouts before. I think I was scared because of the bad reputation, but apparently they're one of my mom's favorite foods so I have no idea why they didn't pop up when I was a kid. I will definitely be making more this week :)

And of course dessert. I can't go a day without it. I settled on a chocolate VitaTop with almond butter.

I also sampled some new chocolate cereal that I got from TJ's. It's good, but I'm worried about when I'll eat it because it's 250 cals in 3/4 c., which feels like a LOT for cereal. I'm thinking mix-in.

I'm going to continue praying for snow for the rest of the night... maybe I'll turn my PJ's inside-out ;)


  1. Mmmmm, the tofu parm looks so yummy! We went Italiam ourselves last night! I found the trick for starting the snow was to carry out my school chores as though nothing was amiss, and now, my first snow day in five years! Huzzah!

  2. Thank you for sharing that recipe! I will definitely have to try that soon!!