Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This day needs to end now. I have been in a serious funk all day long and I need to just sleep it off.

My shift was good. I started talking about my blog a little bit and I could tell people either didn't get it or thought it was odd. How do you handle this situation? What's the best way to explain your blog to people who don't know about it?

I brought some Kashi crackers and Goldfish pretzels and my Almond Butter.

Everyone seemed to like it, and I ate WAY TOO MUCH. I need to stop eating unreined. It just makes me feel yucky and imbalanced afterward.

At home I decided to so 30 min of Gentle Hatha Flow #2 . This was probably a good choice because of my overall soreness. I'm not sure if the gym will be in the cards tomorrow, as much as I want to. I also added a box in my sidebar for my workouts so I don't need to detail them as much in my posts.

Dinner was light because of a.) the funk and b.) the nut butter overindulgence. I had roasted brussels sprouts and Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque. Also for the aforementioned reasons, I completely forgot about taking photos until I was doing the dishes. Oops. What's the deal?

I did all of my work, then went on the website to discover that not only have all of the due dates been pushed back until after break, but class is canceled tomorrow. Uggghhh. I need to collapse! And I probably will shortly with some Cherry Garcia. Good night!!!


  1. Hey so I was wondering the same thing about how to tell people about a blog! I just started mine last month so I haven't told anyone yet, but I think the main purpose for me is to help keep me on track with healthy eating and be able to connect with people with the same interests..

    By the way, are you in College Park? I go to school in Baltimore!

  2. That's actually a really good and simple explanation! And it's good to hear from someone nearby! I might actually go to grad school in Baltimore next year!