Sunday, March 15, 2009

Game of catch up!

Yikes there's been quite the hiatus! I've been enjoying my first weekend off for break, but I've been wanting to catch up here! It's still kind of nice that I've been away from technology for the most part. I think I'll be a little more able to catch up this week because I'll be around the computer more.

Friday night:

Waiting for Gustl and our friend James to come up for the concert, I snacked on a Cranbran Vitamuffin (seen here in it's partially eaten state...):

Once they got up to CP and we got settled, we decided that we should probably get something pretty fast so we could get to the club when the doors opened. This meant going to one of my guilty pleasures:

Chick-fil-A tenders and waffle fries. Yummm. I try not to eat fried foods very much, but I'll make exceptions :)

The concert was fun. REALLLLY LONG. Modest Mouse didn't go on until midnight and we didn't get to sleep until 3! Yikes. Needless to say, my sleep pattern has been pretty weird.


In the morning/afternoon, I decided to make everyone breakfast. I made banana flax pancakes with smart balance and maple syrup. Totally forgot to take a picture until I gobbled them up, but trust me, they looked like pancakes ;)

Stopped in Annapolis at Whole Foods to get a few ingredients that we can't find on the good ole eastern shore. I picked up some Lara Bars to hold me over for the week and ate the Pecan Pie one on the ride home.

I also picked up some freshly baked Irish Soda Bread and had some at home. This is both mine and Gustl's pieces.

This is really good bread. Nice and dense and chewy.

Gustl made dinner from this recipe in Men's Health for Chile Chicken and Basil.

It was amazingly spicy, so I'm glad that I had the multigrain baguette to cut some of the heat. It was really good though, as long as you can take the heat!

Finished off the night with Stonyfield Farms Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.

I've been dieing to try this, but I wasn't too impressed. The texture wasn't great, and the vanilla flavor was a little off. I might try the other flavors, but probably not unless they're on sale.


Today I worked all day at the restaurant where I work at home. During the day I was making sundaes and at night I was waitressing. It's a fun job, and I seriously feel like I'll be working there forever. I've been there since I was 17 and always seem to get some shifts in when I'm home.

Breakfast at my parents' house was Irish Soda Bread. One slice was with crunchy peanut butter and one with almond butter.

With an apple on the side. This kept me full for a long time. I've been loving big breakfasts :)

Lunch at Dumser's was a turkey sandwich on wheat toast with lettuce, tomato, pickles, sweet peppers, hot peppers, and mustard.

Not a whole lot of excitement at work. Just catching up with everyone.

Dinner was pulled chicken barbecue with green beans and macaroni and cheese.

Not a whole lot of healthy food at the Dum's. And homemade ice cream doesn't help. I had a mini chocolate malt, one of my favorites. I also had a little bit of my mom's Texas Sheetcake when I got home.

Now I'm just relaxing and ready for the rest of the week. I hope the weather gets nicer! I've done yoga every day, but I'd like to get some action in outside. Have a good week!


  1. Way to go with yoga every day! The Pecan Pie Larabar is my favorite flavor!

  2. Right there with you on the Chick Fil-a guilty pleasure! and dumsers...always hit that up while at the beach!

  3. I've never tried that LaraBar flav.. is it good?! Yay for yoga everyday :)

  4. Julie- yeah it was pretty good. Not as pecan-y as I thought it would be, but still good!