Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bizarro world.

I feel like I'm in a parallel universe. The sun is still out and I've gotten to walk around for a long time without it being freezing. I'm also no where near hungry for dinner. Breaks are weird. But awesome.

The BF and I did 20 minutes of Hip Opening Flow and then set out (finally!) for our walk! We went down to the boardwalk and walked about 4 miles all day (along with some window shopping at the outlets). There are good and bad things about Ocean City in the winter. Good: There are no tourists and town is quiet. Bad: Nothing is open. Which meant that we ran into a few closed restaurants that we wanted to eat at for lunch.

In the midst of searching, we picked up some Cinnamon Crunch Almonds from The Nut House. We love this place in the summer because the smell wafts all the way down the boardwalk. These are so good :)

We finally settled on Fat Daddy's. Their food is good, but overpriced. It's really popular with locals because they stay open really late.

I got a Dirt Burger, which was a veggie burger with lettuce, cucumbers, hummus, and provolone on multigrain.

We also split a small basket of fries.

Not sure what's going on for the rest of the night. I'm going to be sorry for saying this, but I think I might be creeping up on boredom. Eeek!


  1. The "Dirt Burger" looks fabulous!!

    ah stop the boredom from coming!!! haha

  2. Have you ever been into Mother's Cantina on 28th? Our friends took over that place last fall and the food is great - guacamole is SO fresh. That is where I spent new years!

  3. Augh, those cinnamon almonds look so delicious, I'm having a serious sweet tooth these last couple days! That is totally what I need instead of the two mini almond joy's that I just ate! -e

  4. Lauren- That's so funny because my family knows the old owners! They have awesome $1 Tacos during Happy Hour!