Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend 3/6-3/8

First of all, thanks to everyone for the congratulations about my acceptance! I really appreciate the support and have my fingers crossed for the other program I applied to, too :)

This weekend was insanity. Not so much in what I did, but definitely in what I ate. If this blog is meant to be about health and wellness, this weekend was the antithesis. Oh, well. It was fun, though!

Friday night:

For traveling, I packed some carrots and a Kashi Pumpkin Pie bar.

I got stuck in traffic and was delayed an extra hour, so I'm so glad I brought these.

Since I had something to celebrate, Gustl and I decided to go to Carraba's for dinner. I think this has become our standard celebration place when I'm in Ocean City. Plus I wanted CARBS like CRAZY.

Started off with the best bread ever (and oil):

Caesar salad:

1/2 bowl of Tagliarini Picciu Paccau (sp?) (pasta, tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, and chicken):

Of course celebrations also call for sweets! We headed to Denny's and split a Cinnamon Apple Crisp:


Breakfast was Kashi GoLean Crunch w/ skim milk:

And a side of cinnamon raisin bread with Smart Balance:

After that, we went for a 5 mile walk/run on the boardwalk. The weather was sooo nice and I am not a runner, but I tried! I'm going to get better!!!

Of course we were ravenous after that, which called for Carraba's leftovers:

A Kashi Oatmeal Flax Raisin cookie:

And 1/2 a cantaloupe:

We went to a friend's birthday party, so I wanted to make cookies for a gift. While baking, my Momma put out some snacks for everyone:

I definitely ate quite a few of these Magic Peanut Butter Surprise cookies:

Before the party we ate at Captain's Galley. Seriously, the BEST crabcakes on earth. The Best. We started with steamed shrimp:

There's my beautiful, lovely crabcake (ate about 1/2 chips, 1/2 slaw):

We also had a slice of Lemon Lust pie by Dessert's by Rita, also one of my favorite things in the world, which is prob why I was too excited and forgot to take a photo. The party also contained a vodka and diet coke and too many baked goods. Seriously WAY too many. And of course I left my camera in the car, so I didn't capture any of this... Note to self: the camera helps you to NOT eat 10 desserts...


When I go out at night, I typically want Denny's the next day. It's become engrained in me and I don't fight it. So brunch was a Grand Slam:

Luckily that kept me full all day. On the ride back up to CP, I grabbed a Kashi GoLean Bar and a cup of fruit:

Dinner was a quick microwaving of Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken. Good, but still a frozen dinner:

Plus, I've gotten yoga in every day! We'll see about tonight, though...
Oh my goodness, I am glad that I updated. Sorry it's so succinct, but I need to prep for the week. 2 exams and a major project this week. Yikes! Have a good night and a happy Monday!!

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