Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm not exactly sure what happened this morning. I set my alarm for 8am and was all set to wake up, make breakfast, blog, etc. When I turned over to look at my clock it was 9:30!!! I somehow slept through my alarm for an hour and a half!! Looks like I might have to switch back to my annoying alarm clock...

Since I had less than 10 minutes before I had to leave, breakfast was on the go. I grabbed this ThinkThin bar that I had in my cupboard:

I don't like these at all. And for breakfast it was waaay too sweet. But at least I finally ate it and it won't go to waste.

After I got home I had snack/breakfast part 2:

Multigrain bread with AB and kiwi.

I have no food. I need to go shopping and probably get my haircut. Plus I have another exam tonight! Yikes! At least I got extra sleep this morning! And the weather is amazing! Enjoy the day as much as you can!!

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