Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Oh goodness, here we go again. Couldn't the snow have just kept school closed for the rest of the week? Or semester? Til graduation? Oh well, at least we're getting some warmer weather later in the week.

Since it's exam day, I wanted to get some more protein than I usually do. I subscribe to the idea that protein makes my brain work harder, and I'll take that! It wasn't the most exciting breakfast, but I think it's going to do the trick:

Smart Ones Egg Whites and Cheese on english muffin, kiwi, and blackberries. The sandwich was better than I had been expecting. I've had them in the freezer since before I quit WW, and it doesn't have the prettiest ingredients (HFCS! ick), but I don't want to waste them.

Hopefully this is an easy day. I have a feeling that the gym might be rough after my routine was disrupted so much. Happy Monday!!

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  1. The fruit is so fresh and pretty looking! I got berries recently and they were not that pretty! Hope your exams went well! -e