Friday, March 6, 2009

Run, run, run!

I don't know how I get myself into these predicaments, but I am going to be moving moving moving non-stop until I leave for home today. I've already gotten up, eaten breakfast, done yoga. Now I need to blog, pack, meet my friend for lunch, go to an appointment, go to the bank, return a video... yikes, probably more that I'm forgetting about.

Since I'm eating lunch a little earlier than usual, I decided to stick to a small breakfast.

Whole wheat english muffin, 1/2 AB, 1/2 lemon curd. Also had a glass of skim milk (I can't stand leaving a lot of milk in the fridge if I'm not going to be around for a few days).

For yoga, I tried the 45 minute Gentle Hatha Flow #2. I am seriously so glad that I am doing yoga every day, even though I'm only on day 6. Hopefully I can get the weekend in. That's what I've been a little worried about.

Alright, sorry for the short post. I need to get stuff together! But don't forget to check out the new Foods that Fit site! And an awesome giveaway! I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post this weekend, but I'll def be back by Monday morning at the very latest! Happy weekend :)


  1. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog...happy to find yours! Hope you dont mind me adding you to my blog roll!

  2. Scrumptious breakfast sandwich!!

    Happy Friday!!