Friday, March 13, 2009


Second Friday the 13th in the row. Spooky, right?

I'm planning on taking it pretty easy today. I'm planning on about an hour of yoga later. Plus I really want to do a little bit of shopping since I haven't been in forever, even though I know that poor college student + shopping = not the best idea. We'll seeeeeeee.

Breakfast probably looks pretty familiar. That's because it's the exact same thing that I ate on Wednesday.

Van's Berry Boost Waffles with Smart Balance and maple syrup, kiwi, and blackberries. It's a goodie.

Short post because I don't have much else to report. I'll let you know how good my self-control is later today.


  1. I hear ya on the shopping :) It is just so satisfying though!!

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  3. Just found your blog! It's so fun :) I feel you on the shopping haha I'm just out of college and stilllll poor but everyone needs shopping therapy here and there