Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some goodies and Pasta Plus, Laurel.

When I get behind on posting, sometimes I just want to trash the old pictures and start over again.  But I really want to show off a couple of the dinners that I missed over the past week that I am proud of :)  They were awesome.  Not neccessarily healthy, but awesome.

I made Ina's fish and baked chips.  I am not great with frying food and I don't tend to make fried food very often for health reasons, but I will DEFINITELY make this again.

G said it was "restaurant quality".  One of the best compliments that I've ever gotten :)

On Thursday, I made cheese fondue from a little kit that I got from TJ's a long while back.  We dipped veggies, apple, bread, and potatoes.

I also tried making a chocolate one, but it just didn't work out...

Yesterday I was going to pamper myself and get a manicure.  I haven't had one in forever.  I had forgotten that President Obama was in Baltimore yesterday.  They blocked off so many streets!  I ended up being in the car for an hour, and all I ended up doing was going around the block and back into m garage.  I'll get my mani soon, hopefully.  But luckily when I got home there was something waiting for me:

CHOBANI!  The nice people there sent me some samples to try out.  I am really excited about them.  There are a few flavors that I've never seen before.  I decided to try the strawberry banana one first.

I love strawberry-banana anything, and this is exactly what you want in a yogurt.  It tasted like real fruit and not like flavoring and the texture is awesome.  I haven't had Greek yogurt for a while so it's going to take a little bit of getting used to again.  I hope I can find this flavor in stores!

Last night I made dinner plans for myself and 7 of my friends to meet in Laurel at Pasta Plus. 
 I had gone there last May after my graduation with my parents and I liked it a lot.  I had originally suggested that we go to a different restaurant (mainly because I just want to try every restaurant that I can), but my other friends suggested that we go here.

The line was pretty long.  We were waiting for quite a long time before we were seated, but it didn't really bother me too much.  It was Friday night, after all, and we were a large group.  It gave me a chance to look at the menu.  I finally settled on one of the specials:

Ravioli di Zucca

homemade pumpkin ravioli sauteed in butter with sage, prosciutto, peas, and sund-dried tomatoes 
It was pretty good.  My friend Becca and I were discussing it and both had mixed feelings on the cream sauce.  Since the filling was so creamy and sweet, the sauce could have done something a little bit different to contrast that.  Some acidity maybe?  It was still yummy.  It came with a house salad and bread.  G and I also split a glass of the house merlot, which we liked a lot.  His Margarita pizza was good, too, but he said he liked the one that he got from Upper Crust better.
All in all, it's definitely one of the best restaurants in the Laurel area (trust me after living in College Park for 4 years, you try to look outside of the Rt 1 corrider).  I don't think that it's the best Italian ever, though.
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The leftovers were good, too.  Plus the photo is better.


Wow, snow is really starting to come down outside.  So I really have no excuse for working on homework.  Stay warm!!!