Monday, January 11, 2010

Grocery meltdown.

Wow, I had quite the grocery store adventure.  I don't think that I'll ever go to Harris Teeter again.  It was so expensive and I just had a hard time.  The one in Delaware that I went to was nicer.  But Trader Joe's didn't let me down!
 Before I left, I had some edamame.  Trying to keep it healthy.

And after my debacle, I had an ORGANIC apple with peanut butter.

I also snacked on these when I got back from the store.  Apple Crunchers!

I love it when I find new things at TJ's.  They really know how to make their shoppers happy!  And these were really yummy!

Dinner was an Ina recipe.  I am seriously falling in love with her.  Everything that I've made from her books has been wonderful!  Tonight was no exception with her Mexican Chicken Soup.

And we had it with TJ's Powerhouse salad and some french bread.  I put avocado and a little cheddar cheese in my soup, with a couple of flax and veggie tortilla chips (TJ's again) on the side.

I really want to read my new issue of Real Simple for a little while before bed!  I have a mild obsession with magazines (take after my momma!). 

And make sure to check out this cute giveaway at Fashion Meets Food!  Lots of cute and fun stuff in that package!