Friday, January 22, 2010


I think I found it!  The perfect pre-workout snack!  I started getting worried about canceling out the calorie burn by eating too much, but I think I solved the problem.

But first, last night I had another No-pudge brownie with frozen yogurt.

You must be tired of seeing these.  Don't worry, they're almost gone ;)

So this morning (after my alarm decided to stop going off for an hour) I got up and treated myself to my new favorite pre-workout snack: the Vitamuffin.

I have bought these several times before, but I just got a bunch of samples from the awesome people at Vitalicious and my first thought was that these were going to be perfect!  They're only 100 calories, they have a lot of fiber and protein (plus a million other things) and they don't weigh you down.  Hooray!  I probably sound like a Vitamuffin salesman, but they really are an awesome snack!

This one was an Apple Berry Vitatop.  I hadn't tried this flavor before, but it was really great!  Nice chunks of fruit and a nice bran texture.  You'll be seeing these around a lot!  Thanks, Vitalicious!

(A side note, G ate a chocolate one this morning and left it frozen.  He said it was really good like that, but I'm going to keep putting them in the toaster.)

When I got back, my breakfast was the old standard maple brown sugar oats with peanut butter and granola.  Nothing wrong with that.

Alright, I have an orientation for the online psychopathology class that I'm taking at 3 so I need to do all of my other chores before then.  And then the weekend!  Yay!

What's your favorite "standard" recipe that you turn to again and again?

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