Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chores and Upper Crust Pizza Grille.

Yay!  Happy weekend!  I am hoping to get all of my little loose-end chores taken care of today and tomorrow so that I don't have to worry about them anymore!  Yesterday we ended up taking Ollie for a walk through Fells Point and that took longer than expected, so we had some changes of plans.  But because of that we found a pretty good restaurant!

First things first, I finished up the Mexican soup yesterday with avodcado and chips (not pictured) and another Powerhouse salad.

You can see my accumulating pile of books back there.  Yuck.

Then the walk.  We chose to go to Fells Point because I wanted some Mr. Yogato.  I finally switched it up and got tangy yogurt with brownie and raspberries (and took the worst photo ever, sorry).

We were going to go to Towson and go shopping, but it was already getting late by the time we got back and got the dog to eat and everything.  Instead, I looked up a place in Owings Mills to go.  We picked Upper Crust Pizza Grille.  All of the reviews on Urbanspoon said that their cheesesteaks are really good, so I got the Charm City Steak and Cheese which has grilled onions, LTM, hot peppers, and a horseradish cheddar.  Oh, and their small is a 12" and large is 24".  Wow.  I got the small and took half home, but check it out:

The steak was really good and not greasy at all.  After I finished half, I didn't feel dusgusting or like I had eaten something "bad".  I also had a slice of the Margherita pizza that G got and it was pretty good.  The crust was thin and really fresh.  Everyone in there seemed to have a salad and they have a very large salad menu.  If I go back, I'll probably try one.

Upper Crust Pizza Grille on Urbanspoon

And we ended the evening with my now standard dessert of no-pudge brownie with vanilla ice cream and a little handful of white chocolate chips (not pictured).

I just got done eating breakfast and trying a new TJ's product; Smoked Salmon and Spinach Crepes.

They actually weren't that great. The flavors of the filling cold be better.  Maybe more seasoning?  I'm not sure, and I've never had crepes before, so who knows.  But what's up with TJ's having all these new french foods?

I also had some grapes.

Alright, I need to get moving and get to the gym.  Wonder if I should read for fun or start my school readings.  And then later tonight we're going to see Young Frankenstein at the Hippodrome!  But will miss the Ravens game because of it, so maybe we can check the score at intermission :)

What do you do at the gym?  Read, iPod, TV?  How do you workout best?