Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Productivity is key!

These have been a busy (but productive!) couple of days for me.  I have actually been doing my readings for classes and trying to stay up-to-date with everything.  It's so much harder now that I'm living with my boyfriend and have all of these extra chores that come with having my own apartment and a puppy.  But I'm trying!

The other night, I made these corn and shrimp quesadillas with avocado and onion salad.  The recipe was in Every Day w/ RR's February issue.

Sometimes I don't really like RR's recipes.  They have too much going on or something.  But I liked these!  I really liked all of the lime flavors.

Monday: Oatmeal.

Leftover soup.

Peach Chobani.  Yum!

I am sort of in love with this recipe.  I didn't think that it was going to be anything special, but it turned out being fantastic!  I used feta cheese and roasted the almonds myself.  Speaking of those almonds, I ate WAY too many of them all that day.  I'm hiding them from myself now.


Plus, my new obsession in a new flavor.  Oatmeal raisin Otterbein cookies.

I should have a Baltimore cookie party.  Which by the way, Otterbein cookies are on the list of 100 things Baltimore foodies should do!

Yesterday: Oatmeal.


My lunch and snacks.

Ginger terriyaki veggie cake, blueberry Chobani, pumpernickel pretzels, kiwi, carrots, apple, and cherry chocolate Kashi.

For dinner, G had really been wanting to try the new Dominos pizza.  Before dinner I had a small salad.  I got a Pacific Veggie pizza with thin crust, spinach, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and black olives with feta and provolone cheeses.  It's advertised on a parmesan crust, but I'm not sure I got that.  I also left off the roasted red peppers.


I had three pieces like that.  
The verdict: this was a really good pizza!  And not just for a chain restaurant.  I was really impressed with the ingredients and the textures of everything.  And go Dominos for being a little innovative!  I still have some leftovers, but I'm probably going to try to keep myself away from them today.

I also had 2 of those Otterbein cookies last night.  Addictive.

I just finished some cinnamon swirl toast with smart balance and a kiwi for breakfast.

I've been pretty good with counting my calories for the past couple of days.  I really need to be a little more strict about it until I get myself into a better place. 

Does anyone use The Daily Plate?  I am loving the changes that they have been making to the site.  I am hoping to get a new phone this month and I think the changes are going to make it really accessible on the go!  

Do you use apps or programs for every day things like eating or working out?  Which ones?  I love The Daily Plate, UrbanSpoon, Super Cook, and Calorie Count!