Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Helmand

My parents came up to visit over the weekend and we wanted to show them a good, fun, Baltimore time while they were here. We're still learning more about the city ourselves, and one of the restaurants that we had been dieing to try was The Helmand.

The Helmand is located on Charles Street in Mount Vernon, right next to the Washington monument. It was a chilly night, and they have a public lot right next door (hooray!). The restaturant itself had a really cozy atmosphere. It felt nice, without being snobby.

I had heard so much about the pumpkin appetizer (kaddo borawni)at this place that I knew I was definitely getting it. I was not disappointed! It was so amazingly delicious; all of the flavors came together so nicely. Who knew that pumpkin, sugar, garlic, and yogurt could be so good together? My mom got bowlawni ("Pan-fried twin pastry shells filled with leeks and spiced potatoes. Garnished with yogurt and mint."). These were also amazing. We also had the bread that was perfectly crispy and definitely toasted in the giant wood burning oven behind the bar.

For dinner, my mom and I split a vegetarian platter ("Combination of fresh vegetables cooked with our special spices and herbs. Served with challow.") and a chicken special that I can't recall and isn't on their website. I liked the chicken better, and from tasting my boyfriend's chicken kabob, I think that it was probably the best dish we had. The chicken was so well cooked and not dried out like some places can do. All of the vegetables and rice were amazing, as well.

All in all, we loved The Helmand. It was moderately priced and had amazing food! I would definitely recommend it!

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