Friday, February 5, 2010

Preparing for snowmageddon.

Wow, everyone here is sort of going nuts about the snow.  Part of me is looking forward to an excuse to stay in all weekend-- I have a lot of reading and cleaning and movie watching that I could do!  I just hope that it's fun-ridiculous and not scary-ridiculous.

Yesterday at the hospital, you could definitely tell that everyone had the snow in the back of their minds.  It must suck to have a loved one in the hospital during a blizzard, let alone any other time.  I brought my lunch/snacks:

Salad with carrots, sunflower seeds, and TJ's champagne pear vinaigrette (awesome, by the way); raspberry Chobani; apple; Kashi; and flax pumpkin bread.

After internship I realized that I really needed to get some dog food.  I probably picked one of the most inconvenient PetSmart's to go to, in terms of location related to my apartment (I have NO sense of direction).  But I also decided that if we get snowed in and can't go food shopping that we still have food for a few dinners at home.  So instead of food shopping for a couple of meals last night, I got take-out so that food can last longer into the weekend (confused?).

I decided to pick up Egyptian Pizza.  Since we had pizza earlier this week, I got G a chicken kebob and myself the Middle East Combination Platter which came with "A lovely combination of falafel, grape leaves, hummus, foul, babaganush, tahina, egyptian house salad, feta cheese, and homemade pita bread"
Was I crazy about this?  No.  I've had much better.  Baba's was much better.  Nothing stood out.  The grape leaves were seasoned very strangely to me.  The falafel was alright.  BUT I don't want to pass total judgment until I try their pizza because their brick wood-burning oven looked and smelled amazing (I LOVE the smell of wood stoves).  So for now: Egyptian Pizza... meh.  But maybe in the future we can get along.

Egyptian Pizza on Urbanspoon
I made the night all better by eating a brownie, which was a lot different at room-temperature and very delicious:

I just finished working out and eating breakfast which was cinnamon swirl bread with PB.

Anyone else psyching up for this snow?  I am putting on my game face and ready to have an ultimate snow day experience.  I don't really know what that means, but I'll let you know :)