Thursday, February 4, 2010

One year of CookEatReadSleep!

Hello lovely people!  Today is a special day because it is my one year blogiversary!  It's kinda crazy that I've been doing this for a year.  One year of tracking, "meeting" all of you, and weirding out my friends when I take pictures of my food :)

I'm going to have something special posted a little later, so make sure to check back!
Yesterday for lunch I had a can of Amy's Fire Roasted Southwestern Vegetable.

I enjoyed this soup a lot!  I didn't add any hot sauce to it like I did the other one because it already had a good amount of spice to it.  I liked that the veggies had grill marks on them, it really does taste fresh.

I also had a piece of flax pumpkin bread that I made yesterday.  It's vegan, and it has a "healthy" taste to it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I went on a voyage to Trader Joe's to get a few things that I needed/wanted.  I also got lost on the drive back, but that's a different story and really not out of the ordinary for me.  I decided to get a fun cheese while I was there and I picked out a white stilton with orange and dates.  I had some with some crackers.

This cheese is so sweet!  You really need a nice salty cracker to cut it.  Or it would be good on a salad.

For dinner I made Ina's Chicken Picatta and broccoli. 

I love this chicken, but G said it was too lemony. 

I was apparently in a baking frenzy yesterday, because I also made these Sweet and Salty Brownies.  I had one with some milk.


They were still pretty warm when I had mine, so I couldn't really detect the different textures.  We'll see how they are today :)

I just had a signature bowl of oatmeal for my busy day.

I got so much done yesterday, but I feel like I still have a million things to catch up on.  I'm pretty sure I'm getting snowed in again this weekend, so that will be a good time to catch up.

And to make you drool (or maybe not), check out this grilled cheesecake and cookie cake pie.  Would you ever consider making these?  I would, but I would probably feel disgusting after I ate them.