Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ledo Pizza, Federal Hill

I have grown up with Ledo Pizza. It actually hasn't been too long that I've realized that it's a pretty big franchise and not just a local, Ocean City thing. I've always loved their crispy crust and the square slices. I ever got to eat at the original Ledo near UMD when I was there. My favorite pizza there has been the buffalo chicken pizza for a while now. We decided to get take-out a few nights ago and decided to get Ledo from Federal Hill. But here was the dilemma: I have been doing the South Beach diet for almost a week now and Phase 1 means no carbs. Which means no pizza.

So while G went ahead and got the delicious buffalo chicken pizza, I decided to get the buffalo chicken salad with grilled chicken and a cup of minestrone (which I picked around to keep SB friendly). Happily, I was very pleased with my huge salad with awesome toppings. It might not have had the awesome crust (I'm drooling thinking about it now), but it still had the components that I love. I'm very happy to say that our new local Ledo Pizza is just as awesome as all of the other ones that we've tried. I just can't wait until I can have the pizza again...

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