Friday, February 12, 2010

Kooper's and Teavolve

Hey all!  Sorry for the complete lack of postage in the past few days.  Being snowed in started out really nice and cozy, but then quickly became a mess.  I have barely left my apartment since last Thursday except to walk to a few places in the snow.  And remember when I said I wasn't binging and boredom-eating... well, that went south.  Let's just say I didn't take any pictures this week.  It was bad.  But I am getting back on track!  Next week will have to be a detox of sorts.  I can't wait to go grocery shopping!

I did want to do a little review, even though I didn't get pictures.  We went out for lunch yesterday in Fell's Point (because if we hadn't I would have gone nuts!).  We chose to go to Kooper's Tavern because I have been wanting to try their Burger Wagon for a while now, but I always miss it.

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All in all, they were pretty good burgers.  I liked that they had a nice char to them.  But in comparison to the AbbeyReally nothing special.  I guess it's a good burger and they have a long beer list, but I probably wouldn't go again.

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On the way back I did, however, have an awesome Chai latte from Teavolve.  I have been wanting to go in there forever!  It looked so laid back and chill inside and the staff seemed very friendly.  And my Chai was perfection!  The pastries looked yummy, but I was full.  I would love to try their full menu.

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We're going out tonight for a pre-Valentine's night out and I am really excited!  I hope everyone is thawing out from all of the snow!  Have any big weekend/V-Day plans?