Friday, February 26, 2010

The Breakfast Shoppe, Severna Park

My blog is sort of changing, if you haven't noticed. I haven't been too much in the mood to photo journal my eats, but I have been really excited to write about the restaurants that I have been able to try out. Case in point:

Last weekend, I looked for a restaurant where we could all go out to breakfast while my parents were visiting. I saw some pretty awesome reviews for The Breakfast Shoppe in Severna Park, so we loaded in the car and headed down there.

It was a little bit of a trek for breakfast, but the reviews were raving, so why not? The place is in a strip mall (always a good sign for me) and was fairly small. The wait wasn't too bad for a Sunday breakfast, maybe 30 minutes? We could read the daily specials on a TV screen and they all sounded amazing.

One of those specials was the berry and banana belgian waffle, which G and I both ordered. It was piled with fruit and fresh whipped cream and was really delicious. My parents both got omelets. They said that they were good. I tried their potatoes and they were really yummy.

I don't know if it was the best breakfast place (I'd rather take company to somewhere like Blue Moon Cafe), but it was really good quality breakfast. Definitely a go if you're in the Severna Park area!

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