Saturday, December 5, 2009


Howdy, howdy!  It's starting to snow here, which I'm not really thrilled about.  We're going to the inner harbor later on for Merry Tuba Christmas.  G's sister and her boyfriend play in it every year.  We went last year and it was fun.  I guess the snow makes it more festive, but I don't like the cold!

Yesterday for a snack I had some hummus and pita chips.

Then for lunch I tried out the leftover fish on a salad.  Not the best idea; it was pretty bad.  But the french bread with smart balance on the side was good :)

Then some strawberry yogurt with walnuts.

I also made some gingerbread from the TJ's mix and that has been getting picked at throughout the past 2 days :)

We took Ollie on a long walk to Federal Hill.  We stopped and got him a doggie cookie.  Look how adorable!  And puppies need to have good eats, too!

Dinner last night was from Baba's Mediterranean Kitchen in Federal Hill.  It was really great!  I'm going to post a full review in my next post, but I had a lot of stuff that I had been craving!

Breakfast was a mediocre bowl of oats.  Not even detailing it, it wasn't anything special.

I need to finish up that cleaning now!  I did pretty well yesterday, but I need to finish it up before G's family comes over!  Any big weekend plans?  It's starting to get to that time of year with all of the fun holiday stuff!

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