Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sick puppies and dinner parties.

Wow, yesterday just felt like a crazy busy day.  I had so many errands to run and I was running around all over the place.  On top of that, I'm on-call for work, so I'm constantly wondering if my pager is going to go off and I'll have to run to the hospital.  And worse, Ollie is sick.  He's just been really tired and lethargic and not eating too much.  We took him over to the vet and they said that he's probably just burnt out from traveling.  But there is nothing more sad than a sick puppy :(

In the morning, I had some Cheerios with cranberries.  That was about all we had in the house.

 Grocery shopping was definitely on the list of things I had to do yesterday.  While I was out, I had a cereal bar, some popcorn, and some apple slices with caramel.

After the vet's office, I had plans to go over to my friend Brian's house with some friends for a little dinner party.  I like that we have grown-up dinner parties now.  It's just really great to catch up with everyone and see where everyone is.  Why not revolve that around food?  Brian picked some Indian food from a restaurant nearby.  I've never really had Indian food, so they all tried to fill me in on everything.

It was all really good!  I didn't take any pictures of people because Brian had an amazing camera and I left that to him.  I made a chocolate pear cake and Brian had made some banana pudding for dessert.

We decided that I really need to host a dinner party soon.  And also combine it with a book club.  Ambitious?  We'll make it happen.

I just finished some comforting maple brown sugar oats.

I am in serious need of comfort food, with the cold weather and my poor baby puppy.  Any ideas on how to help him out would be appreciated.  I hope that everyone enjoys their Wednesday!


  1. oh wow all of that indian food does look good! I've never really had any of that either. Great eats chica! <3

  2. ah :( i hope ollie feels better SOON!