Friday, March 5, 2010

iBar Baltimore, Charles Village

For some strange reason (ad space? random suggestion?) the elevators in my apartment building have had flyers in them that advertise for iBar Baltimore. Apparently some people have taken notice of them; City Paper says that they have the best wings. iBar is not particularly close to us, being in Charles Village, but we decided to take a chance on it and see if they really do have the best wings in Baltimore.

It's not in the prettiest part of the city. It's actually pretty sketchy. It's close to a Save A Lot strip mall, but other than that, it's pretty dead. When you go in, it is very obviously a renovated rowhouse, but not in a cute way. More in a "I feel like we're hanging out in my friend's basement and we're not supposed to be here" kind of way. We sat downstairs and there was one other table. The service was friendly, but the food was mediocre. I ordered the melted roast beef and swiss sandwich, but the waitress recommended the open-face roast beef special instead. It was decent and the fresh-cut fries were alright, but it's nothing to write home about. G got a burger and he said it was good. We got the "suicidal" hot wings. They had a peppery taste to them. I really liked their texture- kind of crispy, but noy heavy with breading. The sauce was good, but probably not "the best". We also forgot that they automatically add 18% gratuity to every check and accidentally double-tipped the waitress. Being a server myself, I think that there are worst things.

iBar may be the only option for some people in that area of town. I won't be making the trip out there again for it, though.

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