Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yummy fall foods!

Yesterday was an awesome day for cooking!  One of the big perks to living with the BF is I can cook things that I had always wanted to, but I knew that I couldn't finish by myself.  Case in point: Chicken Pot Pie!

This recipe was awesome.  One of those things that you can't wait to eat for lunch the next day.  I left the peas out and I actually used turkey breast.

I also remade this!

This is seriously one of my favorite desserts right now.  It has such an amazing blend of flavors and it's really good for fall.

And of course, a puppy update video of our baby, Ollie.  He's starting to get really wild!!

Tomorrow is hump day!  Yay!


  1. awww! check out your puppy - so freakin adorable. and those hiccups...too cute.

  2. OH my! RR's pear/chocolate cake looks fantastic! I just tried two of the recipes from the November issue of Everyday and they turned out great! I have to ask, do you consider the cake a dessert or a breakfast cake?

  3. chicken pot pie always makes me think of winter/fall :) so delicious :D