Saturday, November 21, 2009

Should vs. reality

What I should be doing:
      Finishing my projects so I can relax and get ready for Thanksgiving at home with my family.
What I have been doing:
      Jumping around online and watching all of the Food Network Thanksgiving specials.

Last night I had dinner at my friend's house for her Shabbat with some other friends who I haven't seen for a while.  The dinner itself was great!  It was completely vegan and the veggies came from a farm where she has been working and living.  So cool!  It was so nice to get out and see people and catch up.  I promised to host a dinner party soon :)

We have no food in the house!  Specifically no fruit or veggies, which makes me feel yucky.  I'm making due with what I have until I can do a small grocery shop later.  I'll be home mose of the week, but G will be here, so I have no idea how much food to get (I have a feeling that he'll be ordering in...).

Breakfast was an egg english muffin with 1 egg and 1 white and some cheddar cheese.

I had a bar a little later on.

Lunch was some TJ's lobster ravioli with EVOO.

And some focacia sticks with hummus.

By the way, I'm not crazy about these sticks.  I'd definitely recommend going with pita chips.

I also did a 20 minute detox yoga session and I think we're going to go on an Ollie walk a little later on.  I can't wait until I am through with these projects, though!

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  1. I don't have any food either- but with the Holidays around the corner, I don't want to shop. It looks like pasta pretty much everyday for me!