Sunday, November 22, 2009


Mini happy dance!  I am very glad that I got down to business and finished my project!  And it actually looks nice!  I just hope that my professor thinks so, too!

As an afternoon snack today, I had some TJ's bananas and cream yogurt with pecans.

I switched to this yogurt a while ago and I really like it.  It's full-fat, but it's small, and I think the trade-off is fine.  I still feel satisfied after eating them and they taste great.

During one of my breaks I made these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with pecans.

They are really cakey and not like normal cookies.  I added a lot of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon to the recipe and they're yummy!  I've had 4 throughout the day.

Dinner was tofu stir fry with rice.  I made a separate one for G with shrimp since he was a little skiddish about the tofu.

First time that I've made anything tofu since last semester!  I overcooked this a little, so it wasn't great, but I have a lot left to try stuff with.  How long does tofu keep?  I'm afraid it's going to turn while I'm at home.

I am really excited about this coming week.  I wish I was going home tomorrow, but it's a better idea for Ollie to get him adjusted to the house for a whole day.  Just look at how big he's getting already!

Goodnight all!  Have a great short week!

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