Friday, November 20, 2009


This end of the semester has started to wear down on me a little bit for the following reasons:

  1. Huge amount of work that I have been putting off!  That includes a chart that I have to make for my human behavior class (like the ones you buy at book stores that explain an entire subject on an 8.5" x 11" card) and a 20-page psychosocial assessment that I have to write for a module of my practice class that ended two weeks ago... grr.
  2. I love my puppy, but he's a handful!  It breaks my heart that I have to crate him in order to get work done.  He's already 11-weeks old!
  3. The research that I am supposed to do for my scholarship.  The woman that I work for does not give me clear guidelines and it's really hard.
  4. I have gotten way off path on eating healthy, whole foods and being physically active.
  5. Money... ugh, I'm a grad student, need I say more?
Besides all of that, I feel like I just have been building up a lot of stress inside.  I really want to recommit to eating well and being more active.  I also NEED to get yoga back into my routine.  It's so easy to forget how much better it makes me feel.  I did it for 20-minutes earlier and I already feel a little better.  I also need to get some sort of date night situation worked out because me and G have been on constant puppy patrol!

As a part of all of this, I think it's important that I start blogging more, especially with my food intake.  I am not at a weight or lifestyle that make me happy right now.  I have been eating tons of JUNK for the past couple of weeks, too.  So this is my official recommitment and a hope that I can get myself wedged back into this blogging community :)

Anyway, for lunch today I finished off the chicken noodle soup that I had made earlier in the week:

This was really good!  I will definitely be making this again in the winter (or before!).  I also had some peanut butter and crackers.

And some frying cheese with a little bit of honey.

This cheese is awesome and so good with honey, syrup, or preserves.

I have gotten a good chunk of work done today, so hopefully that's a good sign for the rest of the weekend!  I am going to a Shabbot dinner at my friend's house, so I probably won't be taking any photos out of respect for her orthodox jewish beliefs. 

And thanks for reading my little vent session :)


  1. You have a lot going on right now so u have every right to need a vent! I also feel that when I am blogging about my food, or have something to train for - I eat better. Oh and that frying cheese looks awesome. I love cheese with honey.

  2. Feel better Twin! I know exactly what you're going's so hard being a grad student and trying to balance 27290489348 other things in life. Hang in there love!! xoxo