Friday, November 13, 2009

Comfort foods and new job!

Hello everyone!  I'm sure that everyone is just as happy that it's Friday as I am!  This has been a crazy couple of weeks for me.  Besides my normal school and field placement work, I've also been dealing with the new puppy and a new job (more on that later).

I've been cooking a lot of comfort food this week!  I didn't even realize that I had planned all of them out like that until G said something about it.  Weird.  Guess it's the weather.  A couple of nights ago I made RR's Philly Cheesesteak Mac and Cheese.

We weren't crazy about this, but I also didn't follow the recipe to the t.  I forgot to get provolone cheese, so I used a mixture of cheeses that probably didn't hold up as well as they could have.  Eh oh well.  I still like RR :)

Tonight I made burgers with ground chicken and some oven baked onion rings.

I have felt pretty unhealthy lately.  Probably a large part of that is because we've been watching the puppy so much and can't really take him out too much yet.  He hasn't had all of his vaccinations.  But how can you say no to this face?

So, I just finished training for my new job.  I'm going to be an on-call family crisis worker.  Basically, the hospital has a program for victims of domestic violence and every patient is screened for those type of problems.  If someone is screened positive and it is after business hours, then the nurses would call the on-call person (me!).  I work with the women (or men) on screening them for physical/emotional/sexual abuse, talk with them about the dynamics of abuse, and then provide resources and do safety planning with them.

I really like this work.  I think it's common for people to have an idea in their minds about what kinds of women go through abuse, but it can seriously happen to any person no matter their age, race, sexual preference, gender, religion, ethnicity- you name it.  The fact that I am able to plant the seeds in these women's minds about getting themselves into better situations.  So we'll see how it goes!!

I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, even though I REALLY need to get some work done!  Hope you have a relaxing one, too!!


  1. Congrats on the new job.

    Ps- love the new layout!

  2. congrats on your new job! yay to the eastern shore! how does your brother like su? :)

  3. That puppy is so cute!