Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hi y'all.  I figured it might be a good idea to write a little bit of an update post.  I stopped posting back in May because I got too busy with work.  I also deleted a lot of entries because of a privacy issue that I had, so I figured I could try to fill in some of the blanks :)
  • I graduated from UMD in May with my BA in Psychology.
  • I spent the summer working at the same restaurant at home in Ocean City that I've worked at for five years.
  • I saw Paul McCartney in concert!
  • In August, G and I moved to an apartment in downtown Baltimore.
  • I am currently in my first year of UMB's Master's program in Social Work.
  • My field placement (internship) is at a hospital.  I work on the pediatrics, PICU, and pediatric hematology/oncology.  I am there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • I am getting a new puppy tomorrow!  He is a labradoodle and we are naming him Ollie.
That's all I can think of right now!  I hope this catches anyone up who was interested.


  1. Big life changes! I hope you're liking your masters program. I loved my pediatrics rotation in nursing school!

  2. Welcome to bmore! How are u liking it? Very exciting about the puppy...definitely post pictures.

  3. Labradoodle!? SO cute! Ollie sounds like a great name to me :)

    Fun to hear the updates!

  4. congrats on graduating with a degree in psychology!! im taking AP Psych and its so hard!! I have so much respect for you :)