Sunday, October 25, 2009

Prepping for puppy.

I just had a really great weekend with my parents!  It was the first time that they've been up to see our new apartment since we moved.  The weekend pretty much consisted of eating and shopping-- two of my favorite things :)

They had never been to Lexington Market so we went down there to check it out.  We picked up some sandwiches from Krause's.  I got a Thanksgiving sandwich with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Krause's on Urbanspoon

No time like the present to get into the Thanksgiving spirit!  This turkey is really good-- moist and good flavor.  And big!

We also did a lot of puppy shopping this weekend.  My parents were amazing enough to help out the poor graduate students with the puppy supplies.  Check out puppy's new home!

For dinner tonight I made shrimp pot pie.  It was a shrimp, broccoli, and onion base with puff pastry.

It was alright, but I definitely still had room for Berger cake and milk.

I have a human behavior midterm tomorrow and I'm really not into it.  Getting ready for a new puppy is WAY more exciting :)

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  1. yayyy! youre in baltimore!!!! :) where are you? i havent been to lexington market yet! i have been dying to go. maybe this weekend i'll make it there! i need to before the season is over! and congrats on the new puppyyy! i cant wait to seeeee!