Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pitango Gelato, Fells Point

About 95% of the time that I am in Fells Point, I want to get Mr. Yogato. If you've been there, then you probably understand why. But I have also always been tempted by Pitango Gelato. Gelato has always been a little bit intimidating to me. I feel like it's going to be trying to do too much or certain flavor profiles will be lost on me (whatever that means). But I finally decided to put my foot down and try it.

First off, the people there are really nice and will let you sample as many flavors as you want. And they have a lot of flavors. I ended up sampling the chocolate hazelnut, bourbon vanilla, tangerine, and a dark chocolate one. All of them are so delicious and fresh. I bought a combination of the bourbon vanilla and strawberry. I typically don't go nuts over strawberry ice creams, yogurts, etc. because they don't have enough real fruit flavor, but this one was amazing. And the bourbon vanilla with is was awesome. I am definitely not intimidated any more.

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