Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Andy Nelson's, Cockeysville

I am not a Baltimore native. I grew up in Maryland, though, so I do know that there are some foods that are traditionally linked to this area. That includes pit beef, which I hadn't even realized was a Baltimore thing until I did a little bit of web searching. According to many, Andy Nelson's has the best pit beef and barbecue around, so we headed over there one day to check it out.

I love the atmosphere of places like Andy Nelson's. We ate in the barn next door and it felt like we were having our own little picnic with amazing food. I had planned on getting pit beef, but got chicken instead because I really wanted to try the sides. The chicken was pretty decent, maybe not the best in the world but still pretty darn good. We also had the fries, cole slaw and corn bread. Mmm the corn bread. I can be a snob about dry, crumbly corn bread, but this was awesome. G got ribs and they were also really yummy. The sauces that they provide were delicious, as well. I was tempted to get a piece of apple cake, but that will have to wait until next time. Along with that pit beef.

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