Friday, March 4, 2016

CTBF Dukkah-roasted cauliflower

I've decided to join another cook-along. I really love these because it forces me to cook through books that I love and want to try more of. This recipe is a perfect example. It's simple, but you know it's probably delicious. I probably wouldn't pick it out to cook, though, on my own.

Man, I should know better.

This one is a beauty. I already know the virtues of dukkah because I have made this version and used it for a food swap. It really is a magical condiment. I cheated a little and actually used the Food52 blend because I had some leftover.

Don't worry. I'll be making David's version, too. This is my new favorite way to make cauliflower. I ended up eating the whole pan because I have no self-control, and hey, it's a vegetable so it's totally fine.

I also made David's Spaghetti Pie from his blog. It's like a fancy baked mac and cheese. It was a great way to use up all the cheese I've been getting in my CSA box.